September 7th, 2012

It’s been said that the definition of insanity is to repeatedly perform the same action and expect a different result. Unfortunately, that is exactly what the voters of the United States have been doing for years. Yes – it’s OUR fault! In the 2012 Congressional elections, Congress had a 9% approval rating but we re-elected over 90% of the incumbents on the ballot. Go figure! We keep sending the same characters back to the halls of the Capitol building and expect them to fix the problems we have in this country. Unfortunately, they are the very people that helped to create our problems. Now, you tell me – how likely are they to really do anything to fix theĀ  problems they’ve created? Both major political parties would have you believe that the presidency is the seat of power in the United States of America. Things may be going in that direction but that’s not how the originators of the Constitution intended it to be – they wrote a Constitution that put most of the power of governance in this country in the hands of the members of Congress – intended to be a Representative Body directing our country as the voters wanted it directed!